What is another simple secret to becoming a happy family?

Happy energy is powerful. Celebration is an act of the soul. Every family possesses the ability to find merriment. Consider short vacations (even a weekend), trips, special celebratory days, holiday gatherings, reunions and game playing—and don’t forget to pull the plug on the tech equipment.

Find an emotionally gifted star within your family and use this person to teach “heartwork.” It is simply that important for children, teens and adults to learn to express their feelings, speak from their hearts and master the lessons of emotional intelligence. Empathize or put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Compassionate words and actions make an enormous difference.

Encourage family members to express emotion. Teach them to leave a legacy of giving; make kindness a part of their lives; and use their personal gifts to do as much as they can for others. This is how families and schools and communities, and even the world, is transformed. (...continue reading)