Teach Your Children To Be Thankful All Year Long

Teaching your kids to be grateful doesn’t have to be a struggle. Try these 10 ways to help them see how lucky they are.

Kids and Giving

All the “getting” during the holidays can overshadow “giving”. This article focuses on how to use the holiday time of year to teach kids kindness.

Help Kids Find Comfort in Front of an Audience

This article offers practical ideas and suggestions for parents to help kids speak in front of groups with less fear and more finesse.

Give Me Liberty

To step out as independent adults, children need to learn to rely on themselves, starting from an early age.

Internship-Seekers Benefit from Parent Networking

With today’s parents doing more than ever for their children, it’s not unusual for young internship-seekers to get some networking help from mom and dad. Some parents are even paying for career coaching and internship placement. Not everyone thinks that’s a good idea.