The Secret Life of Teens

This 4 minute award-winning clip from Fox TV presents a dynamic look at the world of teens. Their “secret life” is captured and discussed through interviews with both fearing parents and fearless teens.

The Teenage Mind

Fox TV anchor, Robin Robinson, succinctly presents the latest teen brain research here in this short 4-minute segment, receiving wide-spread acclaim from international audiences.

Jocks, Geeks and Freaks: Understanding Your Child’s Tribe

A teens and cliques primer, this article covers everything parents need to know about teens joining groups.

Why Do Teenagers Join Cliques?

This is the essential guide to understanding why cliques are important to teens. In a Q/A format, Dr. Kuczmarski offers 8 answers that get to the heart of what parents should know about their teen joining a clique.

Do You Know Your Teen? & So You Know Your Teen!

Two articles are available here for parents: the first has parents take a short 7-question quiz to see if they are up-to-date on their kid’s life — i.e. do they really know their teen? The second gives the answers to this quiz and offers nuggets of wisdom for all parents.