Adolescence is a time of confusion and contradictions for teens and parents alike. Dozens of organizations are devoted to the problems of dysfunctional families and adolescents…as they should be. But few resources are available for parents struggling to proactively deal with the everyday problems of raising teenagers. The Sacred Flight of the Teenager provides the gentle, yet enthusiastic support parents need to help their teenagers develop strength, become independent, and grow into responsible adults.

This book is filled with practical guidance on how to nurture a teen’s confidence within a loving, supportive family environment. Though based on sound theory, formed in the author’s 30 years’ experience as an authority on family culture, this book doesn’t dwell in abstraction. Interviews with more than 100 “veteran” parents and with teens who earned their wings by meeting the daily challenges of real-life flight—as well as anecdotes from her own home front—all combine to infuse the book with a sense of reality and relatability that can only come from voices out of the “front lines.”

This book gives its profound insights and down-to-earth tools in short, easy-to-read vignettes that illuminate the “sacred flight”—the life journey every child takes through adolescence and into adulthood. Written with kindliness, empathy, and good humor, in prose that speaks to the heart and gets to the heart of the matter, The Sacred Flight of the Teenager will be a wise an supportive guide to every parent who reads it.


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