Additional Testimonials for the Sacred Flight of the Teenager

“This book holds out a kind and compassionate helping hand to parent and teen alike. It offers witty, concise insights to help a parent get through the tough times.”
— NAPRA Review

“I would recommend this book to parents who would like to ‘get real’ with their teens.”
— Jennie Hernandez Hanks, Author of A Little Secret for Dealing with Teens

“The Sacred Flight is a practical, reassuring, easily digestible guide for navigating the foreign territory of teenagerhood.”
— Beth Brooks, Office of the President, Colorado College

“I would keep one copy of Susan’s book by my bedside an another in my car.”
— Catherine Beadles, Teacher/Gifted and Talented Program, Aiken County, South Carolina, Public Schools

“This book will be your very best friend as you learn to let go of your teen.”
— Nancy Drew, author of First-Aid Kit for Mothers

“Chock full of excellent information all parents of teens need, this book is a model for making room for the ‘other’ in relationships.”
— Kathryn Sain, Clinical Psychologist

“Within these short, humorous chapters are a gold mine of valuable information to provide the bridge between you and your teen.”
— Kimberly Senior, Theatre Director and Arts Educator

‘’The author’s sensitive approach and practical tools are a must-read for any individual working with children.”
— Jim and Donna Stein, Owners and Directors, The Road Less Traveled

“A well-grounded, good-humored workshop in a book that hones in to the heart on both sides of the front line.”
— The Boox Review

Additional Testimonials for The Family Bond

“When I started reading The Family Bond, I assumed that it was going to be simply a book on how to raise children. Instead, I discovered that it was a self-improvement book for both parents and grandparents to help their children become responsible young adults. This is the best book I’ve seen on this subject!”
— Darlene B. Lowe, Chairman of the Board, Edward Lowe Foundation

“An eloquent, funny, deceptively easy-to-read and important-to-think-about guide to creating an atmosphere in which dynamic and active love can thrive.”
— Terry Spencer, Television producer and Author, Kissing Doorknobs

“This book reminds us of the importance of understanding our children’s point of view. It offers simple ideas on how to be open to the joys of everyday life while creating rituals that will become lasting memories for our families.”
— Jane Nolan, Director, Park West Cooperative Nursery School

“A delight to read and recommend. ‘Familyweaving’ is a concept that can help even the most time-starved mother or father. The author’s ideas for bringing families together are truly inspiring.”
— Colleen Dudgeon-Ransdell, Television Producer

“Wonderful stories and ideas to help families connect and reconnect.”
— Kenneth Polin, M.D. Pediatrician

“How delightful! Allows parents to understand the gift that they are receiving. There are so many helpful tips on parenting and just living.”
— Beth Ylvisaker, Artist and Mother